Trend-setting style

Boasting three new addictively stunning new textures, L’Absolu Rouge is ready for anything!

With lip art taking the beauty world by storm, the focus has never been so strong on special lip color effects and textures. So, taking inspiration from this colorful trend, Lancôme has now made its iconic L’Absolu Rouge lipstick available in three exclusive new sheens: 1/ Matte, for a veil of bright sophistication 2/ Cream, to envelop lips in a vibrant, satin-soft finish and 3/ Sheer, for a hint of transparent color that’s set to make lips “shimmer like a jewel” according to Armand Petitjean’s color philosophy.

Simply mix and match, play with one color, or try as many as you’d like. It’s time to invent your own lip art sensation.

L’Absolu Rouge, Lancôme.