Juliette Dumas’ Makeup Must-have

When Juliette heard the word ‘shine’ for the first time, it resounded with her so strongly that she decided to dedicate an entire book to it with “Shine or not Shine.” Now she’s the founder of Shine Academy, an event dedicated to wellbeing that offers a range of interactive workshops for personal development, yoga, meditation and nutrition.

“My mantra? ‘Dream big!’ I love going big! So of course I love the look of Grandiôse Extrême with its swan-neck wand designed for applying makeup all the way from lash-root to lash-tip and from outer to inner corner. I’ll admit that the main reason I don’t wear eye makeup very much because I’m not very good at it. So when I do go for it, all the better that it can be seen!”

Grandiôse Extrême, Lancôme.