Matte’s moment

Consider it a genuine beauty happening: the once unfashionable, and oft discredited, matte complexion of old - with its unnatural and artificial reputation - is making a strong comeback. This time, highly modernized for today’s trends.

Long considered the height of beauty sophistication, matte complexions have more recently taken a backseat to softer, glowier tones. The reason? Super-drying formulas, in often overly dense textures that can create a mask-like effect, go against all that is fresh and glowing in today’s makeup trends. That often means that hydrated, almost damp skin that glows with freshness, has become the obsession of everyone, including fashion’s backstage makeup pros.

Today matte is back! Now, with a host of new velvety formulas that can now erase imperfections without stodginess and without pulling at the skin. Better yet, good coverage, a glowing complexion and facial expressiveness are all goals that are met with effortlessness and skill by Lancôme’s Teint Idole Ultra Cushion foundation.

What is Teint Idole Ultra Cushion? Simply put? A miracle product with incredible hold that’s able to even-out skin tone and nix skin imperfections. Packed with silica and perlite that fuses and softens skin, this EternalSoft-enriched formula boasts incredible hold without pulling on the skin throughout the day. In short, everything you ever needed to reconcile yourself with velvety matte skin.

Teint Idole Ultra Cushion, Lancôme.

©Nicolas Valois