How to maintain sensational summer skin long after vacation

Summer’s here, and along with that pretty glow you’re boasting, chances are those imperfections you’re used to seeing across your complexion are looking far less visible.

The reason?
Away from the stress, strain and all the pollution of the city, not to mention the recycled air from offices and public transport, skin can breathe and look all the better. And that’s without even mentioning the way UV rays work to thicken the skin and block the appearance of spots. Sadly, however, imperfections often reemerge once you’re home and skin thins again. This year, to preserve summer’s benefits – like your tan, sun-kissed glow and youthful complexion – simply try these two new complementary skin care treatments:

First: Apply Énergie De Vie Intense Essence. Inspired by energizing, antioxidant-rich Asian cosmetic waters, this lotion works to give complexions a much-needed jolt of energy to combat fatigue, relax tight features and reawaken stressed skin.

Second: Go for Lancôme’s Énergie De Vie Smoothing and Glow Boosting Liquid Care with its high-concentrations of vegetal extracts, hydrating agents, antioxidants and energizing ingredients, all designed to revive the face’s natural glow, awaken the complexion, and leave you feeling all the smoother and hydrated.

It’s the perfect duo for maintaining summer’s playfully fresh glow.

Énergie De Vie – Intense Essence, Lancôme.
Énergie De Vie – Liquid Care, Lancôme.