Absolutely Chic!

L’Absolu Rouge has been treated to a little makeover. Now you’ll find it in a sleek and chic new case that’s just as sophisticated as those who love to wear it.

Lancôme’s L’Absolu Rouge is much more than just a lipstick. Just ask those who love the sleek lines and signature click of this cult lip color. After all, Armand Petitjean himself argued that “a lipstick case should be a gem worthy of those who use it.” Taking that into consideration, it seemed clear that only the most remarkable new case would fit the bill for a new range of L’Absolu Rouge colors. And, with its cylindrical, glossy black shape topped with the brand’s iconic rose like an old-fashioned seal, this case is nothing if not utter Parisian chic. All that’s left to do? Enjoy that addictively fun click to open.

L’Absolu Rouge, Lancôme.