Make Way For Color!

Thanks to Lisa Eldridge’s new line of L’Absolu Rouge shades, happiness and bright lip color truly do go hand in hand. The proof is in the pout.

We all knew Lancôme Creative Director of Makeup, Lisa Eldridge, was enthralled by color. And, there’s no better proof of her passion than with this newly fine-tuned collection of L’Absolu Rouge lip colors. The smart idea? “To make sure each and every color family is well represented.” That means 44 new shades will be joining the Lancôme house line of lipsticks, to create a vast color palette of 86 color variations including “nudes, bold reds, deep raspberry colors, zesty oranges” and a dazzling spectrum of shades that are just as mood-boosting as they are varied. Talk about multi-faceted beauty!

L’Absolu Rouge, Lancôme.