Christophe André’s Breathing Exercises for Happiness 365 Days a Year

Psychiatric doctor Christophe André shares his number one deep breathing technique for happiness 365 days a year, come good times and bad.

As a way to calm down and refocus the mind, there’s nothing like breathing to restore energy and joy. When you’re feeling well, just becoming aware of your breath can help you savor precious moments and imprint them on the mind so they leave a lasting impression that will help chase away the blues. Similarly, when you’re going through a painful time, deep breathing can help prevent you from dwelling on the things that are hurting you.

To get started, Christophe André prescribes what he dubs a 365 approach. In other words, six slow cycles of breathing (each lasting five seconds) per minute, repeated for five minutes three times a day 365 days a year! *

From his book “Don’t forget to be happy - The ABCS of positive thinking” (“Et n’oublie pas d’être heureux – Abécédaire de psychologie positive” ) (éditions Odile Jacob)

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