How to bring life back to a fading tan

You’re back in the urban jungle. And of course theres no question that youre about to let the natural bronze tan you’ve worked all summer to perfect fade to nothing.

So while tans peak fifteen days after vacation, it doesn’t take long after that for them to start to go dull as cell renewal gradually and naturally eliminates tan skin. And that’s all without counting urban pollution that can cause tans to lose their luster.

To refresh your tan and maintain a radiant complexion all the longer, look no further than a good exfoliating facial scrub, followed by an intensive moisturizing treatment. First off, gently exfoliate the face and neck using an extra gentle product such as Lancôme’s Exfoliance Confort which works to slough away dead skin cells, leaving skin looking smoother and tans all the more even.

Then, morning and evening, apply a revitalizing skin care serum such as Advanced Génifique with a formula which is patented in several countries that nourishes, hydrates and gives skin a luminous satin glow.

Advanced Génifique, Exfoliance Confort, Lancôme.

©Nicolas Valois