1965: Luxury defined

With its 1965 launch, Absolue quickly became one of the most luxurious skincare treatments on the market.

With its immaculate white, clean-­lined package, Absolue displayed its true colors from the very start. As was the case with its envelope-­pushing innovative formula, which for the very first time, fused “the best of science and nature” to create a complete anti­-aging boost for the skin. Consider it a beauty revolution of its time. Proof being that within just a few months Absolue had become a French beauty favorite, so much so that today it has expanded to include an entire range of skin gems including Absolue Precious Cells, Absolue Premium ßx and Absolue L’Extrait.

Forging flawlessness for over fifty years and forever successfully reinventing itself, it’s safe to say this line still has a bright future!

Absolue, Lancôme.