Parisian Eyes: Blue versus Brown Gradient Eyeshadow

Parisians don’t always match their eyeshadow makeup to their eye color. So how do they go about choosing the right blend of shades to make their eyes sparkle? The answer lies with these two maxi pressed-powder eyeshadow palettes from the new Sonia Rykiel x Lancôme collection that stylishly intersects fashion and beauty. So whether you opt for a blue or brown gradient look, one things for sure, the end result is entirely Made in Paris”.

The Saint-Germain Blue Palette

A palette of six matte and iridescent eye shadows ranging from pure white to slate grey, and sky blue to pearl grey. Better yet, it also comes with a silver compartment containing two eyeliners in navy and denim-blue as well as an eyeshadow base. Last, but by no means least, its double-tipped applicator brush makes creating an entire range of graphic looks on the upper eyelid and lower lash line a breeze.

Who for?
Opt for this eyeshadow palette to make brown, hazel and chestnut eyes pop. For the daytime, simply work with shadows one, two and three before finishing off with a little denim-blue eyeliner. For evening, go for the darker three, four and five shadows and finish off with navy kohl.

Saint-Germain palette, Sonia Rykiel x Lancôme. Available at Lancôme.com

Parisian Spirit Brown Palette

In much the same way as the Saint-Germain palette, the Parisian Spirit palette brings together a pretty array of shadows with a selection of brown and plum shades and two eyeliners in eggplant and dark purple.

Who For?
For blue and green eyes this time. For daytime, go for a lighter hue topped off with a hint of dark purple liner. Then for evening, focus on taupe shades paired with hints of eggplant along the lash line. Plus, the instructions for both looks are featured on the palette mirrors. Paris-perfect.

Parisian Spirit, Sonia Rykiel x Lancôme. Available at Lancôme.com