Mascara tips for all-night hold

Good news: Now you can dance all night long without making a makeup pit stop.

How? By adopting this savvy pro tip: Rinse lashes with hot water before applying your mascara. It may seem like a insignificant move, but it makes all the difference. As lashes come into contact with the water, steam will work to dislodge micro-particles of pollution, sebum, and eyeshadow makeup that have built up throughout the day that affect mascara’s hold.

The best move: Dampen a cotton wool disk in hot water, fold it into a half­-moon shape, and then smooth from lash root to tip. Once the lashes are ready, leave to dry before opting for the perfect mascara for a big night out. Think: Grandiôse Extrême with its thickening and lash-volumizing formula enriched with polymers that work to increase dark black intensity.

Grandiôse Extrême, Lancôme.

©Nicolas Valois