Go for glamour with a beautiful neckline

What do a beach dress, swimsuit and a light blouse have in common? Each and every one of these summer outfits reveal the neckline in their very own stylish ways. Often as exposed as the face in summer, consider it an area that benefits from a few tips to keep it looking its best on vacation and all year round.

Protect your neck from the sun.
Front and center, the lower neckline and cleavage can be particularly vulnerable to harmful UV sun rays, so don’t skimp on sun protection. Reapply sunscreen to the area as often as you would your face with Bienfait UV in SPF 50, Lancôme.

Don’t forget makeup removal.
Throughout the day, pollution, sebum, pigment, skincare, and sun cream residue all tend to accumulate on the lower neckline. So, just like the face, this zone needs a little detox to help it breathe and regenerate overnight.

Treat yourself to some serum.
Because the skin is as fine and delicate as it is around the eyes, the lower neckline and cleavage need a treatment that’s rich, full of active ingredients, and can offer both long­-term and immediate results. Our tip? Extend the use of your Advanced Génifique anti­-aging skin serum from the face all the way down to this fragile area. Because Advanced Génifique works on skin texture, tone, fine lines, even color and clarity, it can also do wonders for the neckline. Just tap on and smooth lightly each time you apply to the face.

Bienfait UV Day Cream in SPF 50, Lancôme. Advanced Génifique, Lancôme.

©Nicolas Valois