A Grandiôse new eyeliner

Not long after the release of Lancôme’s popular swan-necked wand mascara innovation, comes a hot new addition to the Grandiôse range with Grandiôse liner and what promises to be an amazing new way to apply eyeliner.

If you’ve ever heard makeup artists suggest you “fold your eyeliner brush to gain dexterity,” then you’ll understand what Lisa Eldridge had in mind when she created this genius new eyeliner design, complete with a pro-ready brush whose surprising shape creates unbelievable precision.

Designed with a handy pivot, Grandiôse’s new brush has been calibrated by Eldridge, Lancôme’s Creative Director of Makeup, to softly and effortlessly bend to 35°. Better yet, the brush’s optimal ergonomics are boosted by an unbelievably fine tip, (0.9 mm) and incredible suppleness, all making for cleaner, faster and more precise eyeliner application that will bend to every graphic whim.

And let’s not forget the liners unbelievably long hold and fine, yet dense formula which makes it just as easy to remove as it is to apply – all without budging. Call it the perfect tool that’s set to get plenty of ink flowing.

Grandiôse Liner, Lancôme.