A moment with… Julie de Libran

Following in Caroline de Maigrets footsteps is Julie de Libran, Artistic Director of Sonia Rykiel, who has joined forces with Lancôme to create an early fall 2016 capsule collection. We had the pleasure of meeting this natural and chic Parisian.

If Paris were a garment what would it be?
It would be a dress… Paris is a city with many faces. So this dress would have to be at once structured, fluid, minimalist, feminine, colorful, surprising and black. There are 1001 pretty ways to transform Paris into a dress.

Talk about your Lancôme collaboration
I was so happy that such an incredible French beauty brand like Lancôme would turn to me. I think this partnership with Sonia Rykiel makes a lot of sense and is very much in step with the French woman. In their own way, both houses work to help women enhance themselves, all while delivering something unexpected. Our inspiration was obvious: Paris’ Saint-­Germain-­des­-Prés woman. Someone who loves art and literature as much as she loves and enjoys spending time in a café, which is where the little playful illustrations on the packages come in.

What about the products?
Each eyeshadow palette holds a range of colors that are designed to be combined with each other. Plus, to help prevent even the slightest beauty misstep,­ and believe me, this of prime importance for Parisians, ­ all the application suggestions are inscribed onto the mirror. Even though I hardly ever wear lip color, I totally love Parisian Lips, a special double-­tipped red lip pencil. Its main benefit comes from its barely tinted balm formula, which when applied on its own, coats the lips to give the complexion a dose of complete freshness. Then, come evening, all you need is to bring a little red to your lips with the scarlet­-colored tip.

In your mind what makes Parisians distinctive?
A sophisticated, well-­balanced amount of makeup. Parisians are all different, but they have one thing in common: they all love simple, practical, intuitvely effortless makeup products that can be applied in the car on the way to work. A Parisians’ makeup is never too polished or over­thought. Parisians like to bring a dose daring to their look.

Describe an enduring memory you have of Paris
Several years ago, when the riverside wasn’t entirely closed off for just pedestrians, I spent a day and a good part of the night biking around with friends. To see Paris wake up, go through its day and then go to sleep left an huge impression on me.

What are your beauty no-­gos?
Making up eyes, cheeks and lips together. You have to choose which part of your face you want to draw light and attention to. Secondly, you have to know how much color to use as well, which Parisians do well.

Where would we run into youFor coffee?
I escape to Café de Flore, right opposite our work rooms!
Café de Flore, 172 Boulevard Saint­-Germain, 75006 Paris

To indulge in a sweet treat?
I’m not into cakes but I have a weakness for good chocolate. There’s nothing quite like a good square of dark chocolate with espresso. My go-­to address: Debauve & Gallais. Just going into the boutique is an experience in itself with the smell of chocolate, the atmosphere, and their pretty boxes. I love the place!
Debauve & Gallais, 33 Rue des Saints­-Pères, 75006 Paris.

For lunch with friends?
I love Japanese flavors; Yen restaurant is my favorite. In fact, what’s funny is that I just got back from Tokyo where several Japanese people also told me they love it.
Yen, 22 Rue Saint­-Benoît, 75006 Paris.

To walk and enjoy some fresh air?
If I can’t take a trip into the beautiful French countryside, I either go to Jardin du Luxembourg or to the Jardin Catherine­-Labouré, which is a magical little secret spot. On weekends I sometimes see families picnic there. What a great idea!

To get inspiration?
The French countryside. To walk barefoot in the grass, look at the sky, touch a tree, breathe in some fresh air… That’s my secret for getting re­inspired and recharging my energy levels.

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