3 Confidence-Boosting Yoga Positions

What if all it took to boost self confidence was the right yoga pose? Studies show that just few minutes of yoga can cause hormone levels to change and increase feelings of self worth. Give it a try with these three proven power positions.

The wonder woman
Time to hark back to the comics of your youth and make like a super hero who is poised to take control of the universe with this wonder woman pose. Start by standing straight, then place both hands on your hips and spread legs hip distance apart. Remain still and unwaverable, looking straight ahead as if nothing could affect you. Within just two minutes your confidence meter is sure to increase by a few notches.

The cat stretch
For anybody who likes to sleep in the fetal position, taking a minute to stretch each morning can help the body to release pent-­up stress and boost feelings of self worth as you physically stretch to occupy the space around you.

The captain
Ideal for getting the attention of anyone listening, this pose is recommended for meetings. In detail? Stand straight with your hands resting on the table in front of you shoulder distance apart.