The Sonia Rykiel x Lancôme collection lowdown

Chic, yet effortless! What could be more elegantly French than that? When Julie de Libran Creative Director of Sonia Rykiel dives into the makeup world, she does so headlong, creating a cosmetics collection that truly resonates with her label’s distinctly Parisian vibe. The result? A highly covetable, playfully fun collection designed with Lisa Eldridge that channels all the effortless chic of the Left Bank woman, no matter where. Explore the collection.

1) For sparkling eyes, choose from two makeup palettes, two color stories and two results. For brown eye shadow beauty go for Parisian Spirit, or, alternatively opt for Saint-Germain with its smoky blues, grays and khaki colors that can be used interchangeably to show each and every side of your oh-so Parisian personality.

2) For bold lips, the left bank woman’s signature, look no further than the new Sonia Rykiel x Lancôme double-tipped pencil designed to bring lips just-kissed, bee-stung color. French Sourire, French Baisers, Parisian Audace, Parisian Spirit, Le Crayon, Lancôme.

3) For flawless foundation that is identical to the fabulous Miracle Cushion, the new Cushion Case becomes a unique fashion accessory of its very own thanks to two cool compact designs, one by Julie de Libran herself and the other by graffiti artist André. Cushion case, Sonia Rykiel x Lancôme collection

4) For colorful nails find four aptly named polishes that blend signature Sonia Rykiel style and bold color with the subtle gray of the Parisian sky. What could be better for showcasing your colorful sense of humor? Vernis In Love Café Blanc, Saint-Germain, Café Philo and Joie de Vivre, Sonia Rykiel x Lancôme collection.

5) For a healthy glow, choose from two colors in the Blush Subtil range, complete with new cushion designs for ultimate portability and multi-colored style that allows you to take your makeup on-the-go, whether you need to touch-up your look in a taxi or simply bring a little pinkish charm to your cheeks when you’re out and about. Cushion Blush Subtil, #021 Sorbet Rose, #032 Splash Corail, Sonia Rykiel x Lancôme collection.