Complexion enhancing lip color: Balm versus Gloss

What if all it took to brighten a dull complexion was a little lipstick? But which is best? A rich lip balm that smooths onto lips to infuse them with a little transparent color or a strongly colored gloss that has everything it takes to set temperatures soaring?

Illuminating balm: Shine Lover hydrating lip color

Like a complexion booster, Shine Lover’s rich, unctuous, translucent and pearlescent formula works like a lightening balm to bring life and energy back to a smile.

Whichever of Shine Lover’s 15 lip shades you opt for, they’re all made to instantly illuminate skin and brighten a smile. No matter your skin tone, this balm effortlessly blends into the lips to rejuvenate your complexion and bring radiance to your natural coloring.

Who for?
Anybody looking for a radiant and luminous pout and a light and fresh overall glow.

Shine Lover, Lancôme.

Shimmering lip gloss: Lip Lover gloss

A lip gloss that brings together the shine of a gloss with the bold color of a lipstick and the comfort of a balm, leaving you with shimmering, glossy beautifully bold lips that are perfect for brightening tired complexions.

Just one swipe of Lip Lover brings a jolt of color to dry, somewhat flat-­looking lips. Word to the wise: Opt for red or pink tones to bring life to your complexion and leave nude and brown hues by the wayside to prevent dulling down your look.

Who for?
For anybody who is unafraid to play with bold color and extreme shimmer.

Lip Lover, Lancôme.