Save your skin from jet lag

Air travel plays an increasingly big part in busy lives. It’s bad news for skin, which suffers increasingly from recycled air and jet lag, leaving skin feeling dry and irritated and, if left unchecked, looking worse after each trip. Here's what to do to save face.

In 3 minutes: The ingredients in Intense Lotion facial skincare recharge and re-energize the skin with soothing water. A suitcase essential that can be tapped on quickly, for frequent travelers with a packed schedule who need a quick turnaround.

In 15 minutes: There's nothing better than facial massage for relieving signs of fatigue, especially if you use a product like Liquid Care, an innovative serum-lotion hybrid designed to moisturize and hydrate your skin and boost radiance.

In 30 minutes or more: If you're on the road to skin burnout, Masque Nuit facial skincare mask can help put on the brakes. Perfect for halting the effects of frequent travel, its surprising texture provides instant cooling and refreshment, while a super-powered formula helps give lasting relief from signs of fatigue.

Énergie de Vie Intense Lotion, Liquid Care, and Masque Nuit, Lancôme.

© Nicolas Valois