Beautiful skin even when you’re tired… really?

Where there’s a life lived at breakneck speed, there’s skin that’s off-balance. A new night mask from Lancôme promises to boost skin cells overnight.

What is metabolomics? A science of the infinitely tiny that can help us analyze cell activity in real time. Thanks to metabolomics, Lancôme researchers have been able to help the skin to function more deeply and improve its reactions to external stresses.

The verdict is unanimous: cells slow down when they are under the effects of urban fatigue, causing the skin to lose vitality and accelerate aging. To counter this domino effect, Lancôme has created a night mask that can bring back vitality and optimize skin function while you’re sleeping.

Three things you need to know about Energie de Vie Masque Nuit:

1: It acts as a skin energy boost, thanks to a powerful cocktail of gentian, French lemon balm, and goji berries.

2: It re-dynamizes tissues on application, thanks to a skin-cooling effect of up to -1.8°C for an intensely fresh sensation.

3: It soaks deeply into the skin, via a surprising balm texture that melts into water on contact with the skin, to maintain optimum hydration. After a long day – or a long night – apply in a thick layer before you go to bed, to wake up with fresh, rested-looking skin, without even trying.

Energie de Vie Masque Nuit, Lancôme.