Élodie Garamond’s healthy Paris

When Élodie became unsatisfied with her comfortable job within a large company she decided to ditch it all and launch an incredible new gym space dedicated to both the body and mind. What she created has become the chicest and most welcoming wellbeing destination in Paris, bringing together the very best in yoga, Pilates and floor bar classes within a location that boasts its own juice bar for after-­class vitamin jolts and its own stylish selection of clothes. You can’t help but fall for Tigre Yoga Club’s charm.

If Paris were a yoga position, which would it be?
It would have be the pigeon! And if it were food, it would be an apple, carrot and ginger juice. That mix of fruit and vegetables perfectly echoes the sweet yet spicy blend of flavors within our beautiful capital.

Name three favorite spots that evoke the Paris you love
The Left Bank riverside. Rue de Bretagne and the surrounding area with its trendy boutiques and cafés. It’s such a lively neighborhood, even on Sundays. And, finally, the lake in the Bois de Boulogne, a real breath of fresh air, summer and winter alike.

Do you have any particularly Parisian habits?
Sunday brunch, I love this convivial, warm and foodie­ friendly time of the week.

Do you have any special or particularly moving memories of Paris?
Indisputably, June 21 last year when 1500 yogis met at 6 am under the Eiffel Tower to celebrate the very first International Yoga Day. It was such a moving experience for me.

How would you describe Parisiennes?
As slender, elegant, funny and always in a hurry.

Describe your beauty routine
To best sum it up, I’d say it’s simple, yet efficient. My skincare routine breaks down as follows: I start with a complete cleanse of the face and follow up with a zesty citrus-­based skin serum with a great energizing scent. Then for some glow I combine a dollop of thirst­-quenching anti­pollution moisturizer and a touch of foundation. If I need to I sometimes add a little face powder to mattify any areas that look a little too shiny. Then, as for the final step, I spritz on a fabulous refreshing spray to refresh the complexion and set everything.

Name a total beauty no-­go and a beauty love
Over­plucking eyebrows. Or, worse still trying to fix the mistake by tattooing them back on. As for what I love? To bring back the beauty spot.

What gets you out of bed on difficult mornings?
The thought of a huge breakfast with toast, eggs, a smoothie, a platter of fruit and plenty of superfood. I’m insatiably hungry in the morning.

What never fails to bring a smile to your face?
The invariable comment my building manager always has to make on about weather. I love it, I find it reassuring.

Share one of your favorite diet habits
A glass of hot water first thing after waking up to help the body call quits on nighttime’s natural detox process and slowly wake up the digestive system. Leave hot lemon water for later in the morning.

Élodies Paris Address Book
For coffee, tea or hot chocolate I love Café Pinson, a healthy eatery that brings together good­ eating with organic cuisine. I love everything they serve, but my favorite snack has to be their seedy crackers (a total must) and their raw bars, which are quite simply like little superfood feasts. For lunch with friends, I love Deux Abeilles, a family restaurant that serves delicious homemade salads, tarts and cakes. My favorite order is the Corsican Brocchiu cheese tart followed by the lemon meringue pie, all washed down with their famous lemonade. As for a walk, I love to walk along the Left Bank from Pont de L’Alma bridge to the Pont des Arts, passing back via the Louvre pyramid and the Tuileries.

Café Pinson, 6 Rue du Forez, Paris 3
Aux Deux Abeilles, 189 Rue de l’Université, Paris 7

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