Sexier lips now

Whether you want to supercharge your natural smile or your lipstick, look no further than Lancôme's L’Absolu Rouge La Base Revitalizing Lip Treatment for sexy lips on ­demand. Read on for everything you need to know about this plumping and smoothing lip elixir that guarantees velvety softness.

The secret behind L’Absolu Rouge La Base’s ability to enhance lips with just one swipe? Each and every active ingredient in La Base has been carefully picked to meet lips’ special needs, all while preempting the skin-damaging effects of other aggressors.

PROXYLANE improves cellular cohesion to improve lip volume and shape.

AQUA CATCH, a special water-­catching polymer, plumps lips on contact with saliva to help promote lip hydration.

HYDRAZOMES free up antioxidant-­rich vitamin E derivatives.

CERAMIDE 5 strengthens lips’ natural protective barrier to ward off dry skin.

JOJOBA WAX melts on contact to nourish lips deep down.

What you get? A generous cocktail of active ingredients which smooth, repair, protect and improve lip texture application after application to intensify the depth and color of whichever lipstick you choose to apply afterwards.

And that’s not all!

Absolu Rouge La Base comes complete with SPF 10 to protect even the most sensitive lips from UV rays.

Add it to your makeup arsenal to make blurring the edges of lips all the easier for the perfect tie dye or gradient lip look.

Use La Base as a top coat and you’ll bring longer ­hold to your lip color all the while boosting shine.

La Base L’Absolu Rouge Revitalizing Lip Treatment, Lancôme.