When cleansing your skin isn’t quite enough

Your mother always told you never to go to bed in your makeup - and she was right. Cleansing your face is key for removing pigments and impurities, but if you’ve had a late night – or several - it’s not quite enough. Accumulated stress and fatigue considerably affects the skin’s self-defense systems and the knock-on effect is premature aging.

Night birds out after midnight should apply Energie de Vie Masque Nuit reparative skincare treatment by Lancôme, even if it’s just for a few hours, which will not only soothe partied-out – or simply under-rested – skin by lowering its temperature and creating a fresh sensation, but also giving it everything it needs to re-energize overnight.

It’s a dream in a bottle for those more difficult mornings, especially if you pair it with Energie de Vie Liquid Care when you wake up, for superfood-based actives that pack a skincare punch and help melt away signs of fatigue. Fresher, brighter, dewier: your skin will look completely rested and ready to get up and go, even if you’re not.

Energie de Vie Masque Nuit and Liquid Care, Lancôme.

© Nicolas Valois