Five Confidence-Boosting Shortcuts

Boosting your self confidence becomes simple with these super-simple and effective everyday tricks

1. Make a list of your personal qualities

It’s not always easy to be aware of our own inner qualities, especially when suffering from low self-esteem. To reset feelings of self worth, there’s nothing more simple and effective than taking pen to paper to list 10 qualities you know others recognize in you. Seeing them written down makes them all the more tangible.

2. Keep a log of personal and professional achievements

Create two columns and keep track of each and every one of your personal and professional achievements. In the same way that it can be easy to lose sight of personal qualities, diminished self-confidence can also make us dismiss the achievements we’ve accomplished in life.

3. Meditate upon the great moments of the day

Every evening, visualize small moments of happiness that brought joy to your day, whether it was a smile exchanged with a stranger, a thank you from someone you held a door open for, or even a dessert you enjoyed. Every last one of these moments in time can help boost feelings of self-worth.

4. Repeat a go-to motto every day

Follow the Coué method based on principles of self-hypnosis and repeat a mood-boosting mantra such as “I have confidence in myself. I feel able to do anything.” This exercise must become an everyday habit to be most effective.

5. Set realistic goals

To avoid the frustration of not completing a task (and resulting feelings of failure and self-reproach), create realistic rather than unrealistic goals. And, because defining which is which is often difficult, try writing them down to determine which category they fit under.