Cream Versus Powder Eyeshadows

In one corner we have an eye color pen filled with a host of creamy pigments that are guaranteed to melt into the skin. In the other, a powder eyeshadow formula with eyelid-covering boldness.

Discover two eye makeup products with the same beautifully colorful goal.

For Creamy Color: Ombre Hypnôse Stylo

What? A stunning blend of mother of pearl, pigments and smoothing agents, all brought together to create a light, yet rich and velvety-soft textured eye color.

How-to? Simplicity rules. Just sweep over eyelids to bring colorful beauty to lids as budge-proof pigments cling to the skin. To complete the look and create a stunning final result, simply add lashings of Grandiôse mascara.

Who For? Lovers of speedy simplicity and anyone who can’t resist a midday touch-up to keep their look on point.

Ombre Hypnôse Stylo, Lancôme.

Powder Prettiness: Color Design Eyeshadow

What? A silky and light compact powder packed with rich pigments which can be applied dry or slightly moistened.

How-to? Apply dry, across the entire lid for a uniform look. Or, dust on across the lash line, to keep eyes looking big and bold. Top off with several coats of Grandiôse mascara to create more depth.

Who For? For anyone unafraid to play with shadows to achieve long-lasting smooth color. Better yet, because it is enriched with lustrous pearls, you’ll enjoy a subtly shimmering, radiant and rich look for hours

Color Design Eyeshadow, Lancôme.