Irma Notorahardjo’s Paris Gems

Burned-out from a career in the publishing world, fashion addict Irma Notorahardjo launched rollingpearl.com, a one-of-a-kind consignment store and chic online destination filled with pristine designer pieces. Indonesian by birth, Irmas been a Parisienne by choice for over 14 years. We discover her Paris loves.

Profession: Founder of luxury consignment store rollingpearl.com
Neighborhood: 20th Arrondissement.

If Paris were a piece of jewelry what would it be?
A sparkling gold diamond-encrusted ring. There’s really nothing else that could echo Paris’ stunning lights.

Name three places that illustrate the Paris you love
Firstly, the Palais Royal with its romantic secret garden. Then, I love Montmartre with its rolling cobbled streets, little houses and the village-like atmosphere. The last hotspot I love: Centquatre in the 19th arrondissement, their cultural programing is the best.
Le Palais Royal, 8 Rue de Montpensier, 75001 Paris.
Le Centquatre, 104 Rue d'Aubervilliers, 75019 Paris.

Name a typically Parisian tradition
I don’t know if it’s particularly Parisian, but our little family’s tradition is to go out for a walk on the weekend. The plan: go to an exhibition, then if the weather permits we picnic in a park before heading home to make the most out of the last hours of the weekend.

Describe a particularly moving Parisian moment
Shooting some of my clothing for Rolling Pearl in some typically Parisian locations like at the foot of the Eiffel Tower. I was so happy to be able to cut my teeth as a photographer in this way.

How would you describe the typical Parisienne?
She knows herself perfectly and how to assert herself. When it comes to fashion, that translates itself into natural elegance and a timeless way of dressing. As for beauty, because she knows every last square centimeter of her face, she knows precisely how to play up her best features while hiding any flaws.

Describe your beauty routine, is it Parisian in any way?
Every morning and evening I conscientiously apply moisturizing cream. To me, that’s 100% Parisian, because we all dream of having perfectly beautiful, healthy and serene-looking skin. And to quote the experts: “Bright skin begins with the use of the right skincare products.”

Do you have any beauty no-nos?
I never wash my face with a foaming hand wash and tap water. The combo is far to aggressive for my skin.

What gets you out of bed on difficult mornings?
A piping hot shower. I can’t think of anything better to drag me out from under my warm sheets and sooth away stress and strain. I also use it to infuse my bathroom with a citrus and tea-based scent which helps fire up my neurons.

Do you have a saying or daily habit that makes you smile?
My motto: Anything is possible! As for things that make me smile: When my two children burst out laughing, it’s contagious.

Have you made any beauty discoveries that have changed your life?
Sunscreen! We never wore any when I was little. Whenever we went to the beach I ended up with bad sunburn and all the pain and discomfort that goes with it. Since then, both summer and winter I always wear sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30.

Name a few of your favorite Paris go-tos for coffee or hot chocolate?
Un Dimanche à Paris in Saint Germain des Prés. For lunch with friends, I always go for little neighborhood bistros. Generally we always switch things up. Recently I tried a traditional place, Le Chenin, in the 9th arrondissement, which was a real treat. And that’s not forgetting the Japanese restaurant, You, on Rue Sainte Anne. Every Thursday lunchtime they do a healthy Bento menu. To stroll with friends, we head to the Marais with its small boutiques. Or, to go for a contemplative walk with a love: Canal Saint Martin. For fun with the kids, I head to the banks of the Seine.
Un Dimanche à Paris, 4 Cours du Commerce Saint-André, 75006 Paris.
Le Chenin, 33 Rue le Peletier, 75009 Paris.
You, 11 Rue Sainte-Anne, 75001 Paris.