The Heat is On

You’ve stowed away winter’s thick jackets and relegated spring’s long sleeves to the back of the closet, so now’s the time to hit refresh on your makeup.

After all, come summer, nothing feels better than letting your skin breathe -and shine- with its very own healthful, natural glow. Luckily, for 2016, pairing down for heat doesn’t mean forgoing a few fun summer-ready colors, because by putting dazzling innovation front and center, Lancôme’s serving up the perfect tools for melt-proof and budge-proof summer style.

For eyes, reach for one of the incredibly bold, yet creamy and light new Ombre Hypnôse Stylo eyeshadow pens that can be applied along the lash line or entire lid alike. Or for lips, kiss your way to zesty glow with one of Juicy Shaker’s 20 hot new lip colors, a revolutionary part-oil, part-gloss that makes buildable lip color nourishingly soft. Forget cakey, dry and stodgy. For the beach, or that long hot summer night under the stars, velvety soft, fresh and naturally stunning texture rules with both of these innovative travel-ready additions that are as fun to apply as they are to wear.

Choose your coverage, build your beautiful look, mix and match your colors, because anything’s possible with these super-portable and beautifully adaptable must-haves that showcase gorgeously natural summer glow and have plenty of staying power when the heat is on.

Ombre Hypnôse Stylo eyeshadow pens, Juicy Shaker, Lancôme