Eye Did It

Jam-packed schedule? No need to jeopardize your beauty look or your last-minute plans. With the right eye makeup applied with the right technique, eleventh-hour makeup looks can still shine with effortless beauty.

Introducing Lancôme’s Eye Did It bootcamp: three quick and easy solutions for eye makeup on the fly. Buckle up for a beauty ride like never before.

Make it work

For sleepy work mornings on the run, all-day fabulousness doesn’t have to mean full makeup. To highlight, illuminate and awaken dull and tired-looking eyes, time to zero in on the eyebrows. Reach for Sourcils Définis brow liner makeup and gently apply to brow arches and tips. Blend away with the handy comb before finishing off with Hypnôse volumizing mascara on upper and lower lashes.

Last-minute date
To wow on weeknight after-work dates, ditch the elaborate in favor of simple sophistication and a double eyeliner look. To amp up and accentuate eyes in a flash, apply Artliner eyeliner in a thin line and winged tip on both upper and lower lash lines. Complete with a few careful coats of Grandiôse mascara, making sure to zig-zag the wand on application for unbeatable wide-angle eye looks.

Party Prep
When dinner plans turn into party plans, a smokey eye makeup look does the trick! To pull off bold yet sultry color play, look no further than the handy elegance of the Auda[city] in Paris eyeshadow palette. Start by applying the lightest hue across the entire lid before blending the darkest shade into the upper and lower lash lines. Complete with Hypnôse Drama mascara for voluminous, dramatic results without high drama.