Youth movement: Advanced Génifique

Boasting nine trademarks and 130 international prizes, all off the back of 14 years of special research, it comes as no surprise that Advanced Génifique anti-aging skincare serum has become a vital part of many beauty routines.

In fact, it never fails to fascinate with the way it
treats and firms aging skin with technological excellence. We explore the secrets behind Lancôme’s blockbuster skin serum in a little black bottle.

How does Advanced Génifique target all ten indicators of youthful skin?

By successfully bringing together two different scientific disciplines: transcriptomics (based on studies of how genes express themselves via transcripts) and proteomics (the role of proteins in cells). With over 25,000 genes and 1,000 proteins playing a part in the research which generated over six million results, Lancôme has forged a vast knowledge-bank on the ten parameters of skin aging -- both visual and touchable. Everything from lines to wrinkles, shine to clarity, uniformity to skin texture, elasticity to skin tone, and firmness to sagging have all been analyzed.

And that’s not all! On application, Advanced Génifique’s fresh, luxurious texture creates an all-around plumping and firming feeling. Thanks to its high-tech applicator, a highly researched self-filling dropper that took 15 months to create, each application of serum delivers the precise dose for ultimate anti-aging results.

Advanced Génifique, Lancôme.