Summer bliss

This summer, pack your vacation bags like a true Parisian for summer lived on the French Riviera, no matter whether you’re headed to Cannes or Cape Cod.

Taking inspiration from the vibrant colors of the French Riviera and the effortlessly elegant style of the Parisians who flock there, this summer Lancôme’s created the key to carefree summer radiance and sun-kissed complexions. Not surprisingly, it all starts with a slew of trusted staples and flawless skin must-haves. Think: Belle de Teint Powder Glow for sensual and subtle sun-kissed cheekbones without tell-tale tide lines and Belle de Teint Liquid Glow Trio highlighter in a range of soft and buildable formulas.

Simply match with colorful echoes of the southern French countryside with Hypnôse Palette’s 2016 eye shadows in an array of blendable lavender, violet and lush green hues. Or, turn to one of the ingenious vacation-ready Ombre Hypnôse Stylo eye shadow pens that act as an eyeliner, eye shadow or eye shadow primer. As for finishing touches, look no further than the very latest Shine Lover lip colors. For 2016, cool coral, bold poppy and light vanilla lip tones rule the Riviera with colors that are designed to naturally enhance both a sunny smile and a tan. Put it all together and you have the ultimate toolkit to transport your beauty look to the Med, whether you’re opting for something daring or quite simply captivatingly cool. Summer bliss and plenty of joie de vivre starts here!

Belle de Teint Powder Glow Trios, Belle de Teint Liquid Glow Trios, Hypnôse Palette Ombres d’été, Ombre Hypnôse Stylo and Shine Lover. Lancôme.