The power of two

Two women, two skincare treatments, two skincare responses. Why not try adapting your skin treatment to better suit your lifestyle instead of just your skin, for a better way to treat your face and wellbeing?

The inevitable side-effect of any overscheduled lifestyle? Tired, worn out skin. To help you avoid complete dermal burnout, Lancôme has designed two amazing new integrated treatments that work to eradicate the signs of fatigue, all while adapting to the frenetic rhythm of everyday urban life.

For the stressed-out
Discover a night cream that halts stress’ negative effect on the skin. The proof can be seen first thing in the morning as the face appears free from even the slightest trace of tension, leaving you looking completely zen.
Hydra Zen Night Masque , Lancôme.

For the busy
Calling all women who skip parts of their beauty routine because they lack time. This serum works simultaneously on all ten parameters of youthful skin, leaving skin with a just-back-from-vacation glow.
Advanced Génifique Serum, Lancôme.