Wedding makeup: Complexion Perfection

As the star of each and every photo she’s in, it’s no wonder that brides crave glow for their big day. And because all successful makeup looks start and finish with stunning skin, there’s no better time to look after your complexion, even before you’ve considered makeup colors.

How? With a little help from Advanced Génifique, Lancôme’s anti-aging serum.

1) One month ahead of time, smooth on to kick start skin transformation
It takes 28 days for skin cells to regenerate, so when used as a four-week treatment, this serum packed full of concentrated active ingredients works on all 10 signs of young skin. The result? A smoother, brighter, healthier face that radiates with happiness in every photo.

2) On the big day, apply as an ultimate skin soother
Forget heavy serums or primers that can often cause makeup slippage throughout the day, especially when emotions are running high. Three heavenly droplets of Advanced Génifique, applied all over and then left to soak into the skin are all it takes to give skin everything it needs to stay the course.

Better yet, this serum isn’t just an excellent makeup primer, it also brightens the face, making it perfect for boosting self confidence on a special day that makes you the center of attention and the focus of everyone’s gaze.

© Sarah Ford