Fragile lash fixes

Brushed, curled, tinted and covered with eye makeup remover on a daily basis, lashes are frequently put to the test, often to the point that their fibers become damaged and sensitive just like hair.

So yes, a daily dose of a treatment primer can work wonders on lashes. Applied from root to tip each day using a zig-zagging, lash-separating motion, Cils Booster XL protects lashes while boosting the color and hold of whatever mascara is applied afterwards.

The secret? White micro fibers which thicken lashes and insulate them from mascara. The only imperative: always apply Cils Booster XL from root to tip by using a swaying motion that separates lashes. Then, for a particularly impressive result, simply combine with a final touch of Grandiôse mascara to widen eyes like never before.

© Sarah Ford