A night-to-day beauty booster

Revitalizing the epidermis overnight while you sleep, Lancôme’s Visionnaire Nuit Beauty Sleep Perfector™ gives the skin a smoother, fresher, pinker and plumper feel when you’re awake. And that can’t help but transform the rest of your day.

So what’s the secret behind Visionnaire Nuit Beauty Sleep Perfector’s™ ability to transform your every day? It all starts with its unique gel-to-oil texture, a micro-emulsion gel filled with micro beads of oil that adhere to the skin, so well, in fact, that it fosters penetration of jasmonate synthesis (inspired by the molecules which are essential to vegetation repair), which here plays a key role in skin defence.

But that’s not all

Visionnaire offers an entirely brand new sensory experience thanks to the micro-droplets of oil which melt into the skin to deliver a feeling of enduring comfort.

It has been proven that Visionnaire visibly reduces the signs of fatigue.

By making the skin look healthier, more rested and fresher, Visionnaire helps women wake up feeling more confident in themselves.