Fab face-off: Exfoliance Radiance v. Pure Empreinte Masque

Looking for the best way to achieve a brighter complexion? Whether you go for an exfoliating gel or a hydrating mask, we break down your options.

Option 1: For speedy exfoliation

What: One triple-action exfoliator with micro particles to chase away impurities, white wax beads to slough away greyness and enzymes to bring vibrance to the complexion.

How: Once you’ve applied Exfoliance Radiance across the entire face, simply massage in light circular movements, constantly focusing on the forehead, nose and chin for the very best in brightening results.

Who: For the stressed-out and overwhelmed, with skin bordering on totally burned-out with repeated breakouts, this is the ultimate for achieving cleaner skin in next to no time.

Option 2: For cocoon-like comfort

What: A white clay mask packed full of the types of cleansing and purifying properties that speak for themselves. Consider it the absolute ideal for giving the face the type of blast of fresh air guaranteed to clear the skin.

How: Five minutes, no more or no less is all it takes for this mask to get to work … as long as it has been in applied in a thick, even layer across the entire face.

Who: For anybody who wants to make the most of the evening to treat the skin to a real comforting boost and a little respite after a long, busy day.