Mascara fab face-off: Bottle brush versus Silicone wand

In one corner we have a classic mascara brush that clings to lashes, expertly covering and coating them. In the other? A silicone wand that gently cloaks lash fibers. What you get with both? An altogether stronger and more captivating look.

Traditional brush: Hypnôse mascara

What? A smart, ready-to-layer formula for tailormade volume that leaves lashes looking up to six times thicker. Designed with a traditional bottle brush-shaped wand, this mascara slicks onto lashes for a look with plenty of intense boldness.

How-to? Starting from the outer corners, apply mascara from root to tip while lightly swaying the brush from side to side to achieve a more even coating. Build layer after layer to create a look without lash clumping.

Who for? Anyone looking for made-to-measure volume without compromising on lash definition.

Silicone brush: Grandiôse mascara

What? A highly innovative mascara that comes complete with an elastomer brush that separates lashes and increases the points of contact to create a more uniform and volumized application.

How-to? Forget application complication with this brush which adapts to the shape of the eye and a wand that stays in the same position throughout application.

Who for? Anybody uneasy with mascara application, or simply looking to achieve more precision and darker, bolder lashes.