Smile your way to happiness

A simple smile doesn’t just make you happier, it can also bring joy to others. Psychiatric doctor Christophe André* breaks down why it’s important to smile as much as possible.

Smiling puts you in a better mood, after all, when your face smiles you send feel-good vibes to the brain.

Studies dub it a chain reaction, agreeing that the more we smile, the happier and healthier we become.

Smiling attracts good things, encouraging and attracting others to us -- all with a welcoming and friendly gesture. Smiling is an act of kindness, one that makes the world all the more beautiful, if only just a little.

* In his book "Et n’oublie pas d’être heureux – Abécédaire de psychologie positive” (“ Don’t forget to be happy - the ABCs of positive-thinking from éditions Odile Jacob publishing house.