Go for glow with skin brighteners

Shaking up classic beauty codes to help combat wrinkles? Lancôme’s Absolue L'Extrait Essence Ultime, an elixir that boasts all the properties of oil, without actually containing any. Read on for three top reasons to add it to your regime.

What’s the secret behind Absolue l’Extrait Essence Ultime’s intense skin-revitalizing formula?
Despite the fact that it’s just as TRANSPARENT, VELVETY and NOURISHING as an oil, Absolue L'Extrait Essence Ultime isn’t one at all. Instead, its deceptive texture comes thanks to a subtle balance between several moisturizing agents suspended within a gel-like formula. Made to be as light and fresh feeling as an essence, once it has been warmed between the palms of the hands and padded on to the face using a light tapping technique, it hugs and envelopes the face to reveal the complete skin-revitalizing potential of its unique crushed native rose cell formula.

And that’s not all:

1/ By delivering comfort and nutrition, Absolue L’Extrait Essence Ultime helps the epidermis to confront the kinds of seasonal changes that can often destabilize skin health.

2/ It also awakens the complexion to foster a glowing face throughout the day.