The pink Palace of Winds

Since pink is a welcoming color, representing hospitality in Indian Rajput culture, the Maharaja Ram Singh II of Jaipur decided to repaint his entire city in the blushing hue to welcome Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in 1876. Even the Palace of Winds, known as Hawal Mahal, was covered in a rosy shade. The palace used to function as a high screen wall to shield royal heiresses from the outside, all while allowing them to view the world go by below, as well as allowing an airflow through the palace. A dazzling example of Rajputana architecture, the palace has sat pretty in pink in the heart of the city for over two centuries, never losing its charm. To this day, there’s something pretty spectacular about seeing the morning sun warm the flushed hues of Hawa Mahal, creating a stunning scene that’ll leave you tickled pink.