Caroline takes on yoga for Lancôme

“I’ve never really bought into the world of yoga and it kind of annoyed me to hear people chatting about it among themselves. Not to mention people’s proselytism about it, how it will change your life, make you feel more centered and more at peace, making you a better person. Last September, I didn’t really come back from my summer vacation feeling that relaxed. I don’t know whether I had too much stress or felt under pressure. So, I decided to give yoga a try, just to see. Immediately I understood, I felt muscles I forgotten I had start working, my body started to get more supple and long and I enjoyed the feeling that I was doing something in the moment, something good for my life. The most surprising thing was the immediate effect it had on my mental state. I feel a lot less anxious, more at peace and present in the moment. I would have loved to have gotten into yoga sooner, perhaps I wasn’t predisposed to liking it. However, I took my own time and I love it!”

Caroline de Maigret