Fuel up with raw cocoa

Because good nutrition goes hand-in-hand with great beauty, at Lancôme we’ve assembled some of the best healthy recipes for maximizing your physical and mental glow.

Classified as a superfood, cocoa ranks even higher in nutritional qualities than its tasty twin, chocolate. Its beans, when dried, fermented and not roasted, boast plenty of rich flavors. Meanwhile, when cooked at a low temperature to make a cocoa powder or cocoa butter, cocoa beans also maintain high levels of protein, fiber, iron, magnesium, antioxidants and anandamide, a mood-enhancing molecule that plays an important role in stimulating pleasure. So whether you prefer your cocoa made into a spread, a powder or in munchable beans, you can always guarantee it’ll serve up glowing skin and a great mood.

Illustration: Janice Wu

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