A Moment With...Stéfanie Avila

Following in Stéfanie Avila’s dynamic footsteps

Slender, dark-haired Mexican-Parisian Stéfanie Avila takes French life in determined and passionate stride. Now working for a fashion magazine, she’s made Paris her home for the past five years.

Profession: Production and casting assistant with Grazia.

Neighborhood: Neuilly-sur-Seine

As a Parisienne at heart do you have any typical Parisian habits?
Always walking fast, I feel more Parisian that way because I’m already hurrying around.

Do you have any favorite places to go in Paris that make you happy?
I love going to the Parc de Bagatelle for a picnic with friends or my partner. I love this spot which brings me a rare sense of calm right in the centre of Paris.
Parc de Bagatelle, Route de Sèvres, Neuilly, 75016 Paris.

When you head back to Mexico what do you miss this most about Paris?
A sense of feeling safe.

If Paris were a fashion accessory what would it be?
A beautiful bag or a pair of ballet flats, for striding out on Paris’ old cobbled streets.

In your opinion, which photographer perfectly captures the Parisian spirit?
Richard Avedon, because I love his chic black and white shots that capture women with a sense of airiness. He paints life’s moments in Paris wonderfully.

What typical Mexican habits do you have?
I never eat at set times, it’s a Mexican way of living that just still runs through my veins (laughs).

What makes you happy?
Sun and heat, the everyday weather in my home country!

Do you have a feel-good motto?

“In life you have two choices every morning: either you go back to sleep and keep dreaming, or you get up and work towards achieving your dream.”

Do you have a good luck charm or a special thought that accompanies you every day?
I don’t have a good luck charm any more, it disappeared along with my wallet.

How do you like to attract good fortune?
I like to do tarot readings with my friends.

Name 3 energizing songs
Don’t worry by Madcon, Waiting for love by Avicii and R U mine? by the Arctic Monkeys.

Do you have a favorite feel-good movie?
The beautiful movie adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice by Joe Wright.

How do you like to clear the mind?
By taking a nice bubble bath. It’s the ultimate in relaxation.

Do you have any favorite French sweet treats?
Chocolate eclairs.

What dish has the power to immediately transport you to Mexico?
Enchiladas, or a really good homemade guacamole. Also, I always have a soft spot for little Mexican “dulces” sweets, that are nostalgia-inducing.

What makes you feel like you’re at home?
My rabbit Ninja, he’s really loving, round, soft and a real delight. I always thought it was a girl, so called it Nina, but then coming back from vacation once, I discovered he was in fact a boy. I didn’t love the name Nino, so he became Ninja, even though he’s not really a fighter.

How would describe the typical Parisienne?
Detached, elegant and natural.

In what way is your routine typically Parisian?
Because, above all, I like to look after my skin. And, because I always add just a hint of natural makeup for a sophisticated touch of style. Every morning, before I take my shower, I use a beauty brush and sensitive skin wash followed by a serum, hydrating cream, and BB cream for a little touch of foundation color. I finish up with a little matte powder and blush to give my complexion a boost. For special occasions, or when I look a little tired, I add some mascara to complete the look.

If you could only take one beauty product out on a Parisian night out what would it be?
My mascara, because it gives me a spellbinding gaze all night long.

What’s your go-to beauty secret?
I like to cleanse my skin well both morning and evening. It’s the key to beautiful skin.

Do you have any beauty rituals that help you sleep better?
After I’ve carefully removed my makeup I massage some rose essential oil into my skin to nourish and refresh my skin.

Stéfanie’s Paris address book

Where do you go:

To relax?
Home! Although I don’t want to share my address!

For coffee, tea or a cocktail?
Il Tappo, a little Italian bistro in the Marais, it’s my Parisian HQ, I’m there all the time.
Il Tappo, 19, rue Commines, 75003 Paris. Tél: + 33 1 42 76 06 35.

For lunch with friends?
Le Kong, the iconic panoramic restaurant. Carrie Bradshaw went there during her Paris stint.
Le Kong, 1 Rue du Pont Neuf, 75001 Paris. Tel: + 33 1 40 39 09 00.

Photos: Saskia Lawaks