Wild water therapy in Pamukkale

These little natural swimming pools may look like they’re attached to the side of a frozen, hilly landscape, but you’ll actually find them in the sunny south west of Turkey. However, Pamukkale doesn’t just offer up breathtaking panoramas, you can also head to the area for a dose of total rejuvenation.

Destination Turkey and the country’s Denizli region for the perfect rest stop to reset your health and beauty at the Pamukkale hot springs, a spot which boasts more than just one health benefit. First comes the physiological benefits of the area’s mineral-rich hot turquoise-colored waters (the springs at the top of the cliffs are known to reach 113°F) which help eliminate toxins, regenerate skin tissue and relax the central nervous system. Next comes esthetics, as the entire bathing process involves dipping into a series of semi-circular pools all laid out in aquatic terraces against a magnificent 700-foot long cliffside. Boasting hundreds of years of calcium build-up to form a truly other-worldly hot springs environment, a visit will leave you walking on air, with super-soft skin and a peaceful, relaxed attitude to match.