Caroline’s Athens Address Book

Why Athens?
Every year I go through Athens on my way to relax in the Greek isles. Whatever the political climate, it remains a safe, culturally rich city with amazing food, great culture and a festive atmosphere. Over the years I’ve developed a few habits that I’m very happy to share today with Lancôme.

1. A restaurant: Kuzina, Adriano 9, +302103240133
Kuzina is my favorite restaurant in Athens, it’s not just in the perfect spot, it’s also trendy and has a great menu that gives traditional Greek dishes a modern twist. It’s delicious, the décor is very cool and a real joy to eat at. If you’re lucky enough to get a table on the roof terrace you also get a breathtaking view of the Acropolis. Reservations are required though.

2. A hotel: The Grande Bretagne, 1 Vasileos Georgiou A’ str
I always try and stay one night here on the way back from my annual vacation on the Greek isles. It’s the old classic luxury hotel in Athens, built in 1870 to the highest standards and still boasting all the comforts of a modern luxury hotel. I love where it’s set, the history that seeps from its walls, the personnel, restaurant, spa and of course the rooftop swimming pool complete with incredible views. It’s a real luxury.

3. A museum: The National Archeological Museum, Patission 44
This is my favorite Athens museum. It makes me so happy to dive into antiquity’s torrid history via the museum’s beautiful building and its collections. There’s no need to go anywhere else after this, it’s remarkable. I prefer it to the better known Acropolis museum which always has more people, and, for me just isn’t as interesting.

4. A boutique: Forget Me Not, Adrianou 100
I love this Greek concept store in the fashionable young Plaka neighborhood. I love discovering young Greek fashion designers there along with modern takes on classic Greek dinnerware and a whole host of one-of-a-kind homewares. It’s like a modern, innovative curiosity shop and a breath of fresh air among the city’s many tourist stores.

5. A Hammam: Melidoni 1 and Agion Asomaton 17
After many hours pounding the Athens streets under the hot sun, I love to head here to enjoy a good massage and enjoy the steam room. The setting is pleasant and very clean. I love the effect the steam has on my skin, it’s immediately softer, healthier and purer – and that’s not counting the relaxing effect it has on my mood. As for my favorite treatment? It’s the Ali Mama Hammam massage, that’s really all you need.