Broth makes a beauty comeback

It’s the ingredient of the moment: easy to cook, easy to digest, simple to switch up and a shortcut to gorgeously glowing cheeks, a slim silhouette and peak energy levels.

After years of being relegated to the back of the pantry, broth is starting to make a strong comeback, especially in the French capital’s chicest kitchens. You’ll even find it on the menu at Ze Kitchen Galerie, home of Michelin-starred chef William Ledeuil and winner of Gault et Millau’s chef of the year award in 2010. In fact, Ledeuil loves the ingredient so much that he’s just published a 224-page book dedicated to broths with Bouillons (Broths) from La Martinière publishing house. The reason for his love affair? This French specialty features a whole host of great benefits and positive beauty side-effects. By taking a load off the stomach and intestines, mineral-rich and easy-to-digest broths not only help to hydrate the body they also work to nix skin imperfections. Why not try a several day broth cleanse before or after the holiday to help boost clear skin and promote a healthier body in the midst of the season’s end-of-year festivities? Simply boil up your own beauty broth with one of these three Lancôme easy recipes:

1/ Spicy squash and nut broth
This recipe that’s rich in good fatty acids with its hazelnuts, cashew nuts and peanut oil, nourishes the skin, helps prevent dryness and diminishes the feeling of suffering from skin tightness. Recipe: Warm four cups of chicken stock over a gentle flame with the flesh of four squash and a stick of lemongrass. Blend in a mixer until you achieve a smooth texture and allow to cool. Meanwhile, heat two tablespoons of peanut oil and toast ? cup of cashew nuts and ? cup of hazelnuts before crushing them into small crumbs and blending into your broth.

2/ The detox broth
Finally, a tasty broth recipe for promoting a flatter stomach and a brighter complexion. The secret in the sauce? Umami, a special mushroom, seaweed, fennel seed and ginger-based broth that pairs perfectly with citrus fruit such as combawa limes, cedrat fruit, yuzu and lemongrass. Recipe: Take four cups of water and add one cup of white mushrooms, one cup of shiitake mushrooms, one stick of lemongrass, a tablespoon of ginger, a handful of kombu seaweed, a teaspoon of fennel seeds and a tablespoon of soy sauce. Cook for an hour before passing through an ultra-fine sieve. Three minutes before eating, infuse with a lemongrass stick and a little citrus zest.

3/ Citrus lemongrass broth
The perfect tea alternative to start the day with tasty notes of ginger, kumquat and lemongrass. This broth offers up the perfect kickstart for the body and mind – not to mention, plenty of vitamin C. Recipe: Infuse some mint leaves, fresh strips of ginger and lemon verbena in four cups of water for about 10 minutes. Pass through a fine sieve before adding a little kumquat zest and some grated lemon grass before sweetening to taste with some floral honey.

Extracts from Bouillons by William Ledeuil, published by éditions de la Martinière. www.editionsdelamartiniere.fr