Introducing Anne Berest

A free spirit who's never in one place for long, Caroline de Maigret meets inspired and inspirational women from around the world, exclusively for Lancôme.

Meet 36 year-old Anne Berest, co-author of Caroline’s "How to be Parisian Wherever you Are"

Why Anne?
“Because she’s a wonderful woman. She emanates a crazily poetic spirit, she’s there, always present but somehow always somewhere else at the same time. And, she’s impressively elegant and beautiful. She’s a woman with a rare and surprising personality, always red-lipped whether you see her night or day, which just goes to boost her sensual, unique character. Her new book’s called 'Seeking the perfect woman' (“Recherche femme parfaite”) hurry out and read it.”

Anne’s approach to beauty:
"Beauty is self-affirmation, a way to show what you stand for and what makes you different from others, a way to assert yourself with real energy.”