Le BAL: Caroline's latest culture crush

“I never miss an exhibition at BAL. In fact, I always love and am completely amazed by whatever’s showing there. It’s a fairly unknown spot here in Paris, set inside a former dance hall and completely dedicated to the image as a document. By opting to showcase a smart selection of contemporary videographers, and photographers, BAL bears witness to a real desire to take artistic risks and forge real social and artistic change. The way in which photography is exhibited is also very interesting, unique and beautiful -- and all within a discrete spot that begs to be discovered. Better yet, you’ll also find the delicious Bal Café inside, a small Anglo-French restaurant that’s very adventurous with the type of food it serves.”

Le BAL, 6, Impasse de la Défense, Paris 18th Arrondissement www.le-bal.fr

Photo: Caroline de Maigret