Destination scenic sunbaked serenity

Registering high on the hitlist of perfectly sunbaked outdoor destinations, Rustrel’s Colorado Provençal offers an astonishingly colorful view. Lancôme considers it the ideal getaway destination as fall gets into full swing.

Surrounding the small Vaucluse village of Rustrel, look no further than the ever-intriguing Colorado Provençal for a veritable open-air painter’s palette of sunbaked earth tones (of which 25 different shades have now been officially registered). This fascinating 30-hectare large valley showcases the sedimentary remnants of a sun-filled past as the sandy folds of time have left their mark with layer upon layer of red iron-rich clay. However, perhaps even more impressive than the region’s blazing yellow, scarlet and violet cliffs and the mineral deposits caused by bygone periods of wind and rain, is the stunning spectacle created by man, as now-closed ochre quarries have created an incredible display of serrated cliff sides and sculpted stones. Don’t miss a sundown visit to the site for an invigorating glimpse of the rocks being kissed by the day’s final rays of sun.