Fatigue-free by the slice

Because good nutrition goes hand-in-hand with great beauty, at Lancôme we’ve assembled some of the best healthy recipes for maximizing your physical and mental glow.

On the hunt for a breakfast bread that’s got the power to defeat morning dips in energy and help ward off stress throughout the day? Then it’s time to give spelt bread a try. Low in gluten, rich in vitamin B (which helps regulate the nervous system and chock-full of fiber), spelt is delicious paired with pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, linseed or even poppy seeds. Pre-heat an oven to 450°F, then pour 2 cups of spelt flour into your food mixer bowl along with a pinch of salt, a single-serving sachet of yeast and 5 tablespoons of your choice of seeds. Slowly add 12fl oz. of warm water. Knead and let rest for an hour. Place a bowl of water at the back of the oven and bake your loaf for 10 minutes at 450°F and then 20 minutes at 410°F

Illustration: Janice Wu