Eye-opening anti-aging

The secret behind being able to leave the house with just a simple hint of mascara? Never skimping on eye-contouring treatments! Get the latest on Lancôme’s most efficient ways to brighten eyes and boost youthful appeal.

A striking look
Because they take an effortless approach to beauty, French women often aren’t that skilled at mixing and matching skin creams, or even in layering a range of super-targeted skin treatments. Instead, they prefer to rely on a range of products that are designed to do everything. However, if there is one area any French beauty knows how to take care of it’s the outer eye. After all, this delicate area with fine skin and network of capillaries is the first to exhibit any aging or fatigue. That means taking care of the eyes takes on prime importance -- all so she can lean on using just a touch of mascara and express herself fully. And why not? Especially when research in eye-tracking has shown that the eye area is what people take the most notice of when speaking to each other.

Wide-angle beauty
A fresh, bright look doesn’t have to be measured in terms of fine lines, dark circles and puffiness. In fact scientists have shown that beyond these well-known signs of fatigue and aging, what makes a face appear more youthful is the bold appeal of the eyes. That means that the wider the eyes, the more they appear youthful. And that’s not forgetting light which also affects our perception of youth. Simply by getting rid of shadowy areas around the eye, a few well-placed luminescent touches can create an optical illusion that opens the eyes.

Four deceptively beautiful treatments
Easily absorbed by the delicate skin around the eyes, these four treatments have everything you need to instantly make eyes all the more impactful.

1/ Advanced Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl.
It’s simple: every since its release in 2012, Génifique Yeux Light-Pearl has been voted above all others, with a revolutionary applicator that has won over 86% of users, an improved technological formula and flexible beaded head that makes for a more precise massage-like application. Also new is its gel micro-bead-enriched texture that once applied to the skin refracts the light beautifully – all to create wider (by +5mm2), brighter and younger-looking eyes.

2/ Renergie Lift Multi-Action Eye.
Dry and fragile skin? Applying space biology and the special Up-Cohésion™ technology, this balm works to restore and rejuvenate the skin’s cell matrix to increase stressed-out skin’s tautness and redefine facial contours. Cue silky softness delivered in a firming and lifting mandarin and pear-infused caress.

3/ Absolue Eye Premium Bx.
Discover grease-free hydration wrapped up in a fast-absorbing light yet indulgent velvety texture. Made to be worn under makeup, this Pro-Xylane-based formula boosts cellular health to restore youthful firmness and elasticity around the delicate skin of the eye area.

4/ Absolue Eye Precious Cells Global Multi-Restorative Eye Concentrate.
Boasting a luminescent gold formula, this rich and luxurious winter-ready concentrate serves up a soothing sensory experience that works to reduce roughness around the brows, banish dark under-eye circles and nix fine lines. Find skin enveloped in smooth hydration and expressiveness restored.

Photo: Amit Israeli