Lighten up with a lassi skin soother

Because good nutrition goes hand-in-hand with great beauty, at Lancôme we’ve assembled some of the best healthy recipes for maximizing your physical and mental glow.

Although it’s just as rich in anti-aging antioxidants and polyphenols as tea, not to mention very similar in its makeup, rooibos does not contain any caffeine. That means you can whip it up as part of an evening lassi drink and create a delicious way to relax the body and mind, encourage a great night’s sleep and promote relaxed rosy features. For a gourmet lassi, simply infuse a rooibos tea bag in a mug that’s ¾ filled with almond milk. Then, blend in a cut peach and a teaspoon of lavender flower water. Sweeten to taste with honey before enjoying on your way to bed.

Illustration: Janice Wu